China won't release activists who exposed labor abuses at Ivanka factory

Detained while investigating working conditions at a company that made shoes for Ivanka 🐷

"The activists went undercover at two factories in southern China, according to China Labor Watch, the New York-based advocacy group they were working for."

"China Labor Watch says it has documentation of worker abuse and plans to send a letter with some of the evidence to the Ivanka Trump company."

"Li Qiang, the head of China Labor Watch, told CNNMoney that his group hasn't heard anything about two of the men, Li Zhao and Su Heng. The activist group lost contact with them more than a week ago."


"The Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman said police put the men under criminal detention because of their use of "illegal monitoring devices." The case is "in process," she said."

China won't release activists detained in probe of Ivanka Trump supplier

CNN Money, June 7, 2017