Ivanka amended financial disclosure forms six times in one month

If you choose to be a senior WH adviser you owe transparency to the public. Ivanka wants all of the perks but none of the responsibilities of her WH role 🐷

"The public financial disclosure reports for 2018 showed that Kushner amended his financial disclosure five times, including four times in the last month, and that Ivanka Trump amended her financial disclosure eight times, including six times in the past month” a report from Newsweek explained."


"The Office of Government Ethics was not willing to certify their reports for so long, which possibly has to do with why it was revised [so many] times,” Libowitz said. “So the question is, Why? We don’t want to say what the reason is without knowing, but it’s troubling."

Ivanka busted for amending financial disclosure forms six times in one month: report

RawStory, April 4, 2019