Ivanka's baby voice is just an act

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Ivanka is nothing if not manipulative. 🐷

"Despite what Americans and voters see on television, the Ivanka Trump in real life is a little different than the person who is splashed across screens."

"Trump, the president’s eldest daughter, has a voice that’s an “octave” deeper when in private; vacillates between “defiant” and “lighthearted”; and curses like her father, Donald Trump, and her husband and fellow senior White House adviser, Jared Kushner, according to the Washington Post."

"The description might stand in stark contrast to the one of the woman who has made countless television appearances defending her father and touting his agenda." "If you’ve caught her old interviews on TV, or watched The Apprentice episodes she guest-stars in, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that Ivanka used to speak very differently. Whether it’s a product of coaching or a personal choice (and experts say it’s likely both), there’s been a marked change in her voice’s tone, pace, and even her vocabulary."

Ivanka Trump’s ‘Baby Voice’ is Just an Act — She Has Much Deeper Voice and Swears a Lot

PoliticalFlare, August 1, 2019