America was originally told Ivanka would have no role in the Trump Administration

Updated: May 3, 2020

That turned out to be a lie and now WH advisers Jared and Ivanka continue to avoid questions about ethics and national security rules 🐷

"In January 2017, as Jared Kushner received approval from the Office of Government Ethics to allow him to work in the White House, it was initially reported that Ivanka Trump would not take a formal role in the administration. After it was announced in late March 2017 that she would officially become a federal employee in the White House, American Oversight submitted FOIA requests seeking communications between Ivanka Trump and several federal agencies, eventually filing a lawsuit against the agencies for failure to respond.


"Following the Washington Post report, American Oversight sent a letter demanding that Congress investigate Ivanka Trump’s use of personal email and possible violations of the law, as well as risks to national security.

"Still, Ivanka Trump and Kushner continue to push the boundaries of their influence in the Trump administration, from their reported unnecessary use of military transport to their potential involvement in the renewal of leases for a Chilean mining company owned by the family of their Washington, D.C. landlord. Kushner has led multiple delegations to the Middle East, including one in February 2019. He reportedly traveled with Jason Greenblatt, then the president’s special envoy for Middle East peace, aides, and State Department officials. Likewise, Ivanka Trump has made public displays of her political reach, including attending the 2019 G20 summit alongside elected leaders from all over the world."


American Oversight, September 25, 2019