Book: Jared and Ivanka are even worse than we thought

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Opportunists and enablers, enriching themselves 🐷

"Jared and Ivanka were either unable or unwilling to get in the way of Trump’s worst impulses, from the caging of children at the U.S.–Mexico border to his ban of transgender troops in the military. Now, a new book from journalist Vicky Ward makes the case that Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law haven’t just sat by idly as Trump has upended liberal democracy in the U.S., they’ve enabled him."


"But the bulk of the book mainly focuses on Jared and Ivanka’s time in the White House and portrays them as opportunists and enablers, enriching themselves at the expense of the American taxpayer and embracing, not curtailing, President Trump’s bigotry."

New Book Makes the Case That Jared and Ivanka Are Worse Than Previously Thought

Intelligencer, March 12, 2019