Sweet boondoggle: Front row at the Olympics! Thanks, Daddy!

We all know no one is more suited or deserving to be America's lead VIP at the Winter Olympics than...the president's daughter. She skis. 🐷

"The diplomatic mission comes at a pivotal moment for the Korean Peninsula, as the Democratic People’s Republic in the north races to assemble nuclear weapons capable of striking the United States (to say nothing of the Trump Organization’s luxury-condominium development in Seoul). While President Trump initially weighed sending his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, he ultimately settled on Ivanka, who, according to an administration official, “eagerly accepted the opportunity.” As of now, there are no plans for Ivanka to meet with anyone from North Korea, as Moon pressed Mike Pence to do when he attended the opening ceremonies earlier this month. White House officials told reporters that Ivanka has been briefed about the political situation in the region and fully prepared to discuss her father’s “maximum-pressure” policy with Moon or foreign news outlets, should it come up.

"The logic of Ivanka as international emissary operates on multiple planes. On one, the president’s daughter is a “winter-sports enthusiast,” as an administration official put it, as heiresses who grew up skiing in Aspen tend to be. She has been sitting in on U.S. meetings with the International Olympic Committee about the 2028 games since the transition period, and has expressed interest in making after-school sports a part of her White House portfolio. But Ivanka is also savvy to the ways in which her advisory role dovetails with her eponymous lifestyle brand. In the first months of the administration, she leveraged her past work as an advocate for women (and author of a new book, Women Who Work, which was published four months after she divested her company to join the White House) into a political agenda focused on workforce development, childcare tax credits, and expanding access to capital for female entrepreneurs. Those bipartisan, inoffensive issues allowed her to maintain an expedient distance from her father, even as she helped soften his image in the press. They also happened to appeal to the same demographic that could once again be her customer base, should she return to her fashion and lifestyle business in her post-White House life."


Vanity Fair, February 23, 2018