Unaccountable, unqualified Ivanka didn’t belong anywhere near the DMZ

"Who benefits most from her government role — the American people or her family?" 🐷


"This ascension of family-directed foreign affairs is an unhealthy development for our democracy. And Ivanka Trump ought to back off: Americans didn’t elect her, we don’t have any way of holding her accountable and we don’t support her playacting at government."

"Ivanka Trump’s self-placement at the table with global heads of state is not an example of the ascension of a professional woman: She has, after all, not one merit-based qualification to be participating in the diplomatic meetings she is attending. There are professional women inside the executive branch and outside government who have spent a lifetime becoming expert in their fields, whether that’s economics, international relations, trade, international law or diplomacy. If the Trump administration’s goal is to give a woman a seat at the table, there is no shortage of women who have the requisite experience and training who have earned their seat. Indeed, there are, as Mitt Romney once quipped, binders (and, now, websites) full of them."

"One interpretation of Ivanka Trump’s actions since her father took office has it that she is simply not self-aware of how these appearances come off. Don’t buy this. Videos she released purporting to be readout briefs of the president’s meetings, as well as the president’s introductions of her, appear orchestrated to present her as a credible participant in international affairs. Her participation, her photo placement, her video releases are not accidental byproducts of an inept White House adviser; they are part of her image-building. These activities should not merely be brushed off as the desires and encouragement of Donald Trump, her father and the president. She is not a child. She shoulders full responsibility for abusing her position of access."


"So the president’s boosterism of his daughter on major diplomatic efforts should not be viewed as an isolated act of incompetence or even public relations. Instead, it is part of his preference to concentrate power among a few advisers, especially those related to him, advisers who are beyond the reach of our institutional checks and balances. This is not the way the presidency or our government is supposed to work. And it is not a development that Americans should accept without objecting, loudly."

Why Ivanka Trump didn’t belong anywhere near the DMZ or the G-20 summit

Washington Post, July 2, 2019