#UnwantedIvanka thinks she is qualified to negotiate for America with world leaders

Despite having no qualifications, no knowledge, no briefings and a bogus security clearance (and being mired in conflicts of interest), Ivanka indulges her ego by playing Princess President on the phone with world leaders. 🐷

"One individual with firsthand knowledge of how the Trump calls with foreign leaders are handled said the president “hates” such “pre-briefs” and frequently has refused to do them. Trump doesn’t like written background materials either, preferring to handle the calls himself, often in the morning from the residence. Occasionally, while on the phone with foreign heads of state, Trump has handed the receiver to his daughter, Ivanka Trump, so she can talk with the leader, according to this individual.

"The person said a six-page pre-brief with attachments was once prepared for Trump before a call to a foreign leader. But that turned out to be too long, as did a single-page version. Preparing pre-brief note cards that offered about three talking points for Trump to make on a call was the norm, according to this person, who feared retribution for describing this process and spoke on condition of anonymity."

Anatomy of the phone call now imperiling Trump’s presidency

AP, October 12, 2019