Workers at Ivanka's Chinese Factory Paid Just $62 a Week

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Working nearly 60 hours a week — many making just over $60 in that period 🐷

"Conditions at a Chinese factory where designer clothes are manufactured, including for Ivanka Trump's fashion line, were not entirely up-to-snuff for the 80 workers there: They punched in nearly 60 hours a week — many making just over $60 in that period, according to an outside audit last fall."

"That same facility was producing its clothes for New York-based G-III Apparel Group Ltd., which has the exclusive license to manufacture blouses, dresses and other items under Trump's label."

"The Fair Labor Association's report, released Monday, does not specifically mention the name of the factory or say whether workers had been tasked with a Trump-related project during the time of the audit. G-III also has partnerships with Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Kenneth Cole and Karl Lagerfeld, according to its website."


"The association said auditors in October uncovered two-dozen violations under the U.N. International Labor Organization, including that overtime work exceeded the legally required limit of 36 hours per month. Workers were found to have accumulated another 42 hours to as much as 82 hours per month in the past year."

Workers at Chinese Factory for Ivanka Trump's Clothing Paid $62 a Week: Report

NBC News, April 26, 2017